Medical tourism in Koh Samui

Medical tourism in Samui has exploded over the last five years owing to the ever increasing cost of medical care in the West and the excellent services and facilities in Thailand. You can save a huge amount of money by being treated in Samui even after the cost of flights and hotels is taken into consideration, and then you have the beaches and nightlife of Samui to enjoy.

Although not as busy or popular as Bangkok for medical tourism, Samui is practical since it’s a good environment for the recovery period and can be cheaper. There are several excellent private hospitals on the island catering to the large expat population and many visitors who combine a holiday with some non-essential medical treatment. Even outpatient treatment while visiting the island is of a high standard.

YSamui has several world class private hospitals, offering various medical tourism options through English speaking doctors, professional staff and modern facilities…more
Laser teeth whitening, crowns & bridges, dentures, and implants are just some of the services offered by dentists in Samui to expat and visitors; why not pop in for a check…more
Health Checks
Health checks in Samui are an easy way to have yourself checked out while enjoying your holiday. You can have a basic health check within an hour, or go for a complete body check…more

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Many medical tourists to Samui also have their teeth seen to and there are numerous excellent dentists here. The best dentists in Samui have received training overseas, usually in the US, and can speak English fluently. You will find the same techniques and procedures in Samui as back home, but at a fraction of the price.

People come to Samui for cosmetic surgery at Samui’s best clinics, as well as to have a thorough health checks in a Samui hospital. The procedures are safe, seldom go wrong and are undertaken generally by discerning professionals. Thailand’s medical industry is noted for its high standards and afforfdable prices. This section introduces the various services, their prices, safety and the medical facilities themselves.